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Authority Messages Employees to Strive for Better Efficiency

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Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority messages its employees to make an all-out effort with creation oriented efficiency enabling the Authority to discharge national responsibilities.

Discussion was held to raise employees’ awareness on the 2015/16 budget year draft plan.

Authority’s Deputy Director General, Leul Gebru, said that the Authority had accomplished several encouraging jobs in the previous budget year. It is anticipated that in the current year the Authority accomplishes various national duties including digitalization so employees should do their level best in meeting underlying institutional objectives.

According to the Deputy Director General, employees have to develop team spirit practice so as to empower in service efficiency.

Authority’s focus areas in the current budget year include implementing capacity building, organizing change army, strengthening relation and performance with the public wing, expanding diversity of media in number and type, improving service delivery and promoting the transfer to digital technology.

He added that employees should stamp out all sorts of corruption ranging from punctuality to building self discipline and problems of rent seeking in work areas.

It was mentioned that the management takes up its support and attempts to update its work performance feedback more than ever.

Employees forwarded basic suggestion to be deemed in the new plan.

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