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Authority Organizes Discussion on Problems of Advertisements Disseminated through Broadcasting Services

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 Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority organized discussion to disclose problems and forward possible solutions in advertisement services disseminated through broadcasting services. The discussion was held in Addis Ababa on October 8, 2015.

Authority’s Legal and Advertisement Directorate Director, Gizaw Tesfaye, presented a talking point disclosing problems noticed in implementation of Advertisement Proclamation. Empirical results of monitoring and inspection tasks were used as guiding information for the discussion.

Distinguishing between advertisement and program, preserving rights of consumers and content, time bound, mixing local language with a foreign language, advertisement layout, repeating same advertisement more than twice, using sponsorship declaration and interrupting programs due to advertisement were observed widening gaps.

Moreover, problems of advertisement include lack of organizational and professional capacity as well as awareness, conflict of interest, failure to take cases to court to guarantee public interest and superiority of law.

Stakeholders pointed out advertisements disseminated through broadcasting service have several problems. It requires concerted efforts to tackle the problems.

Discussants hailed Authority’s regular feedbacks and recommended solutions to advertisement problems.

Authority’s Mass Media Registration and Licensing Directorate Director, Mulugeta Sisay, on his part said that since the coming into force of Advertisement Proclamation, awareness raising programs and supporting activities have been accomplished. He noted that it is the mandate of the Authority to protect public interest; thus similar activities should continue.

More than 85 advertisement professionals, assistant program producers and different stakeholders took part in the discussion.

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