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Ethiopian Broadcast Authority held talks with BBC Media Action

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020, The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority held talks with BBC Media Action in Ethiopia on issues of strengthening collaborations and extending an expiring bilateral agreement signed between the two parties.

Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority Director-General Getachew Dinku,(PhD) and his team heard the progress reports on major accomplishments including a national media survey conducted by BBC Media Action in March 2020.

The media action has also demonstrated digital media content produced to enhance COVID 19 awareness through social media and other radio channels. The national media survey conducted by the media action has touched upon audience listening and watching pattern and preference, internet use as well as media trust, and the audience’s current views on Ethiopian media.

After hearing the outcomes of the national media survey conducted in five Ethiopian regions, the EBA Director-General expressed the need to strengthen collaborative research with Ethiopia Broadcasting Authority as it enables use of larger samples and allows better access to data easily collect data using the authority’s privilege networks.

Getachew Dinku (PhD) also told Mian Muhamed Junaid, Country Director for BBC Media Action in Ethiopia that well-managed collaborative national audience surveys can help not only to inform the BBC Media Actions’ development project activities but also enable the media and advertisers understand the nature and preference of the audience better. The two has also discussed the prospect of extending the bilateral agreement expecting to cease soon